About the Risk Assessment Tool

The Fusarium Head Blight Prediction Center is the product of a cooperative research effort between researchers at Kansas State University,The Ohio State University, The Penn State University, and many other univerisites. This multi-disciplinary project has merged Plant Pathology with the expertise of Pennsylvania State Climate Office, and the Outreach Office of the Penn State Environmental Institute to produce one of the largest disease prediction efforts ever attempted. This research was funded in part by the USDA/ARS -- U.S. Wheat and Barley Scab Initiative.

Plant Pathology

  • Erick DeWolf, Kansas State University
  • Pierce Paul, Ohio State University
  • Larry Madden, Ohio State University

PA State Climate Office

  • Kyle Imhoff
  • Arthur Person

Center for Environmental Informatics at Penn State University 

  • Doug Miller
  • Steve Crawford
  • Tom Auer
  • Mike Anderson
  • Blake Ketchum

Michigan State Climate Office

  • Jim Brown

North Dakota State Climate Office

  • Adnan Akyuz
  • Radu Carcoana

Missouri Ag Weather Network

  • Patrick Guinan